Chit Chat Tracking – Track Your Parcel Live

Chit chat tracking is a Canada-based logistics service with phenomenal service that grows very fast. They started operating in 2001. The company cares about the welfare of its customers. Chit chat has its personal vehicles so the parcel can reach its designation as soon as possible. They have fully professional staff and the drivers care about your goods.

The goods are sealed and packed in fully secure boxes so there is no chance that your goods will be damaged.  The company provides you exceptional service. The founder, Derek Nolan of the company cares about the welfare of the people so he keeps in mind the fantastic service.

Chit Chat Tracking:

There is one more great news about chit chat, that is they have launched their app so the customers can easily make their account on the app and have all the information related to their shipment whether the parcel is in process or about to reach its designation. All the history related to your parcel will remain safe in the app. Almost all the well-known companies in Canada use chit-chat.


They have reduced their cost by 74% so all people can use the logistics service. They have very cheap rates. All the local companies and the businesses which are growing prefer chit chat companies. Chit chat has so many cust9mer reviews almost each of them is satisfied with their delivery. 

The partner carriers of chit chat tracking are

  1. Canada Post
  2. USPS
  3. Asendia
  4. Canpar
  5. UPS Mail Innovations

Tracking information:

To track your shipment you must have your tracking number and simply open the website and enter the tracking number it will automatically jump to the page where you’ll see all the information that your parcel is in process or about to reach the designation. 

Tracking format:

The tracking number reference of Chit Chats consists of 10 digits, for example, S2K9Y2V2X4, P1HE3G2B7O.

Features of chit chat tracking:

  • Shipment tracking management
  • Multiple language support 
  • After shipping update
  • Organized Courier shipment and tracking 
  • Brand tracking experience
  • Live location tracking
  • Strong API in the built system for tracing the exact location
  • Reliable and quick
  • Customer support 
  • Sales and delivery updates
  • Webhooks with tracking API

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